Show 'em You Care.
Your business matters deeply to you. You put every fiber of your being into creating a brand or business that you believe in, that fits a need and helps your customer. It’s important that they know that.
Design isn’t just making things pretty. Design is about empathy, creating connections, communicating. It’s personal and human and sometimes it isn’t pretty at all.
I work with you or your marketing department to understand why people should care about your brand and how it’s different from anything else out there. I work well with copywriters but also bring copywriting skills to the table. I’m a multi-disciplinary who does whatever it takes to find the best expression of your brand.
More about me?
Well okay.
I was born in a blizzard and raised in a drawer. Walked lava fields in Hawaii and danced around bon fires in Japan. I was sawed in half for science and eulogized by Mike Birbiglia. I was Emily Blunt's dead boyfriend and got yelled at by Gary Busey.

I'm an award winning graphic designer seeking creative work with inspirational people. I love a challenge and I hope to hear from you soon.
Seriously. Get in touch.
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