2018 advertising
The opportunity to create the WILLIE'S RESERVE National Ad Campaign is one of my proudest achievements. It embodies the soul of the brand work I’ve been doing on WR along with my co-creatives.
The problem was simple but real - while Willie Nelson has many diehard fans, there is a huge segment of the core cannabis consumer who either doesn’t know who Willie Nelson is, or only knows him as an old pot head who makes humorous cameos in late night talk shows and comedies. Why should anyone care about an 85 year old country musician if they don’t listen to his music?
Our solution - Focus on a singular aspect of Willie Nelson as the voice of our brand. Defiant, heroic, revolutionary. Willie Nelson is the original cannabis outlaw. He is legendary in his contribution to music and for his willingness to put his reputation and livelihood on the line for what he believes in.
Photography by Danny Clinch and Isaac LeFever
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